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JVC LM-15G /U Monitor Service Menu

Thise settings can use for JVC LM-15G /E and JVC LM-15G /C

You can adjust the position of the image from the PC on the screen.
1. Press ‘UP’ and ‘DOWN’ button to choose “H. POSITION” (horizontal position) or “V. POSITION” (vertical position), and then press ‘MENU/ENTER’ button to display the adjusting menu
2. Press ‘UP’ and ‘DOWN’ button to adjust the position of the picture on the screen.
3. Press ‘MENU/ENTER’ button to return to the “POSITION ADJ.” menu.
Next page: If you select ‘Next page’ and press the ‘MENU/ENTER’ button, the next menu will appear.
DISPLAY ADJ. menu You can do the necessary adjustments to display the image from the PC.
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We recommend you to do the AUTO SET UP first. And then adjust the CLOCK or PHASE if necessary.
To use the AUTO SET UP, select this item and press ‘MENU/ENTER’ button. And follow the step 2 of the description “AUTO SET UP” .
CLOCK: You can adjust the Clock.
PHASE: You can adjust the Phase.
Next page: If you select ‘Next page’ and press the ‘MENU/ENTER’ button, the next menu will appear.

(1) Depending on the around temperature, the brightness leaning occurs. Be careful of the environment in the product installation place and so on sufficiently.
(2) Don't hinder radiation from the back, the heaven and the side. Please refer to the next page that explains about the condition of the installation.
The inside becomes hot if hindering radiation and there is fear, which the inner circuit damages.
(3) Install in the place with good ventilation. Use in the condition that around temperature is in the 0~35°C range.
(4) Avoid preservation and use at the high temperature or high humidity place. If you behave like this, leaning sometimes happens in the screen when the set actives.
(5) Depending on the condition and the environment of display, the slight fleck of the light and leaning of the screen and so on is sometimes conspicuous. This is the characteristic which is peculiar to liquid crystal display. It is not set trouble.
(6) This monitor has cool cathode pipe as the backlight. The time change and the use time sometimes change brightness and condition of display.

JVC LM-15G /U Monitor Settings
JVC LM-15G /U Monitor Settings
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When transporting a set, if the load handling is bad (throwing, falling and so on) however it is using a solid box, pressure inside liquid crystal display.
In the case there is fear to break the liquid crystal display while transporting. To prevent from the accident or trouble while transporting, pay attention to choice of the transportation company sufficiently and also arrange for it in the delivery after the attention of the load handling is explained to the transportation company.
This set is used glass for composing liquid crystal display. When carrying, pay attention not to add over vibration and impact sufficiently.

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