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Telefunken 29TCT TV Service Menu

TELEFUNKEN 29TCT4010 TV Service mode for CHASSIS TTE 220 SCH

TV Service mode Telefunken 29TCT
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Enter Telefunken TV factory mode
To enter factory mode; open the “OVERVIEW “ menu (keep the menu item cursor on the “Exit” item) and pres “ 1 9 2 3 ” .
· Sw version
· Setup
· Geometry
· Video
· Sound
· Pip Service
· EEPROM Reset

Service Version : It shows software version.
Setup : It includes CRT, OSD, TXT,Tuner,Scart, No Signal adjustmens-options.
Geometry : All geometry adjustments can be done via this menu.
Video : Video adjustments (white point,Black level etc.)
Sound : This submenu includes sound adjustmens and options like Prescale
values of FM,NICAM,Scart,LL’. Also tv systems can be choosen in this menu.
Pip Service : With this menu, Some Pip adjustmens can be done. Pip frame
color, frame width etc.
EEPROM Reset : This is used for reset the TV. All geometry, sound, setup,
pip values are set the default values.
2. Setup Menu :
· CRT Type
· Translucency
· TXT Language
· Main Tuner Selection
· Pip Tuner Selection
· Main Tuner AGC
· OSD Brightness
· TXT Brightness
· OSD Contrast
· TXT Contrast
· Scart3 Option
· SVHS Option
· No Signal Status
CRT Type :
Options : 16/9 Tube – 4/3 Tube
This item is for tube type selection.
Translucency :
Adjustments : 0 … 128 step.
This is related to OSD visibility. At 0, it is hardly visible, at 128 OSD is solid.
TXT Language
Options : East – West
This is Teletext language option.
Main Tuner Selection :
Option : orega – samsung – philips – alps
After replacing the main tuner with the new one listed above, this option must
be set.

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