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Sanyo LED LCD TV Service Menu

These Service mode use for SANYO LCD, LED and CRT TV, the service code match for Sanyo type:

Sanyo LED TVs LCE-24C100F(K)
Sanyo LCE-24C100F(R)
Sanyo LCE-24C100F(S) K50 Series
Sanyo LCD-24K50
Sanyo LCD-24K50(R)
Sanyo LCD-24K50(W) K40 Series
Sanyo LCD-19K40
Sanyo LCD-24K40
Sanyo LCD-24K40(W)
Sanyo LCD-24K40(R)
Sanyo LCD-32K40
Sanyo LCD-32K40(L)
Sanyo LCD-42K40-HD
Sanyo LCD-42K40-HD(L)
Sanyo CM21VF1KS
Sanyo CM21MS22/A
Sanyo CM21MS22T
Sanyo CM21VF1S/A
Sanyo CM21MS22B
LCD and LED Sanyo tv service menu

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Metod A
For Sanyo flat TV service mode
Press and hold the menu button in the TV panel
Press 1 key on the remote control, factory mode will open and apear on the screen
Use channel and volume button to make a change and press menu button to save the settings.

Metod B
Television in off position, disconnect the power line cable or turn of the television using main power button, press and hold the volume down => press main switch to turn on the television. Factory mode will open
To save and exit press menu button.

Metod C
For sanyo flat
Press volume down in TV panel and hold the button
Press green button (Teletext) on the remote control
Use number button to select submenu
To select parameter press channel up or down
To change the value press volume +/- button

Metod D
Press menu button, press volume up on the tv front panel quickly after release the menu button
Factory mode apear on the screen

Metod E
Press momory button on the tv panel and release the button and very quickly press menu or memory button on the remote control.
Use sound set to navigate the factory mode-menu

Metod F
Press menu button on the remote control
Press 3 times the display button, factory mode apear
Use ch+/- and vol +/- to select and change the value.
To exit press display button

Metod G
Press Fungtion button and hold
Press channel up on the tv panel
TO navigate use channel & level button
TO save and exit turn of the television using main switch or disconnect the main cord cable from the electric source.

Metod H
Press menu and hold the button (TV Front panel menu button)
Press volume up on the remote control
TO navigate the factory menu-mode use the TIMER, Mute and volume button. To save and exit press menu button on the remote control.

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