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Sanyo LCD-26XR8K TV Service Menu

Sanyo LCD-26XR8K,  Sanyo LCD-22XR7SN TV Service mode
Connect all the boards according to wiring diagram, then power on and observe the display.
Method for entering factory mode menu => press “INPUT”, “2”, “5”, ”8” and “0” in turn to enter factory
menu; press “CH+” and “CH-” to select adjustment items and press “VOL+” and “VOL-” to adjust
value items, press “MENU” repeatedly to exit.
Method for software upgrading: When software upgrading please enter factory menu first, select
ISP from OPTION, set ISP to 1 and you can begin to upgrade. After upgrade finished, it needs to set
ISP back to 0. If the picture can’t display when upgrading, it needs to solder JB1 on main board.
Please unsolder JB1 again after upgrading.
Enter factory menu, select “OPTION”, “EEPROM” and “HOTEL OPTION” sub-menu, for adjusting
items see table 4.

Sanyo LCD-26XR8K,  LCD-22XR7SN TV Service mode
Adjustment for AFT voltage and AGC voltage of IF channel in TV
IF AFC adjustment
Disconnect J1(B face), input 38.9MHz PAL signal of 80dB to the pole of J1 near L11, Adjust L5
to value 1.25V of TP2. Enter factory menu, adjust TDA4470 from BG to LL, input 33.9MHz SECAM
signal of 80dB, adjust R71 to value 1.25V of TP2 then solder J1.
 IF AGC adjustment
Input 184.25MHz(PAL/BG) RF signal of 60dBuv to RF terminal, adjust R64 to value 4V of TP4
and there should be no obvious snowy picture. Increase the signal to 90dBuv and it should be
display normally and no obvious noise.
White balance adjustment
white balance adjustment of HDMI
a. Input VG-849 signal from HDMI: TIMING854 (800* 600/60Hz) and eighth-level gray scale
signal of PAT920. Use color analyzer CA210 to adjust white balance.
b. Enter submenu of COLOR TEMP, Select 9300k of color temperature
c. Fix value of B OFF, adjust R OFF and G OFF, let the color coordinate of the second level be
(285, 293) and the brightness be about 3nit-6nit. Fix value of B GAIN, adjust R GAIN and G GAIN,
let the color coordinate of the seventh level be (285, 293). Adjust R OFF, G OFF, R GAIN and G
GAIN repeatedly until the value of the two levels gray-scale are (285, 293).
VGA/YPBPR/AV white balance check and correct

TV Service mode Sanyo LCD-26XR8K
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