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Panasonic TH-50PX75U TV Service Menu

Panasonic TH-50PX75U GP10DHU Chassis TV Service Mode
10.1. How to enter into Service Mode
While pressing [VOLUME ( - )] button of the main unit, press [RECALL] button of the remote control three times within 3 seconds.
10.1.1. Key command
“1” button...Main items Selection in forward direction
“2” button...Main items Selection in reverse direction
“3” button...Sub items Selection in forward direction
“4” button...Sub items Selection in reverse direction
“VOL” button...Value of sub items change in forward direction ( + ), in reverse direction ( - )
10.1.2. Contents of adjustment mode
· Value is shown as a hexadecimal number.
· Preset value differs depending on models.
· After entering the adjustment mode, take note of the value in each item before starting adjustment.
10.1.3. How to exit
Switch off the power with the [POWER] button on the main unit or the [POWER] button on the remote control.

10.2. Service tool mode
10.2.1. How to access
1. Select “SRV-TOOL” in Service Mode.
2. Press [OK] button on the remote control.
10.2.2. Display of SOS History
SOS History (Number of LED blinking) indication.
From left side; Last SOS, before Last, three occurrence before, 2nd occurrence after shipment, 1st occurrence after shipment.
This indication except 2nd and 1st occurrence after shipment will be cleared by “Self-check indication and forced to factory
shipment setting”.
10.2.3. POWER ON TIME/COUNT Note: To display TIME/COUNT menu, highlight position, then press MUTE for (3sec).
Time : Cumulative power on time, indicated hour : minute by decimal
Count : Number of ON times by decimal
Note : This indication will not cleared by either of the self-checks or any other command.
10.2.4. Exit
Disconnect the AC cord from wall outlet.

TV Service mode Panasonic TH-50PX75U
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Panasonic TH-50PX75U GP10DHU Chassis TV Service Mode
Before you entering Panasonic TH-50PX75U factory mode to change any value on the factory service mode, please write down all the original factory settings. tvservicemenu are not responsibility for any damage, data error and unwanted effect after using our service code and information on these page.
Original remote or universal remote control needed as a tools to program the factory mode (Recommended use the original remote control).
If the code above do not match to your television please browse another service code in sitemap page.

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