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Olufsen MX4000 TV Service Menu

Bang and Olufsen MX4000 & MX7000 Service mode
Only from a certain software version of the TV it can be used with the remote control code Menu, 0, 0, or Go to Menu, 1, 1, call Go to (depending on the model and revision). If the appropriate version on the TV is not available, there is a hardware solution.
For this, however, the TV must be opened. Should you have knowledge of TV technology or devices have high voltages, please let this do by someone who is familiar with it. With a tube TV with up to several thousand volts is not to be trifled with!

The Bang & Olufsen CRT TVs of the MX series are very popular. Unfortunately, the configuration is not the easiest. Who wants to make fine adjustments, has to go to the factory mode. Our clear instructions show how your installs a service mode button in your TV.

TV Service mode Olufsen MX4000
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Not all Beo TVs come from house to service menu, in which a variety of settings hides, in order to utilize the maximum potential of the TV can.
Tools Needed
soldering iron
2x strand (multistrand or flexible); Length as desired
1x button
Cordless Screwdrivers
Drill (with the diameter of your desired button)
Torx screwdriver attachment (20-25)
some electrical tape
Bang and Olufsen MX4000 & MX7000 Service mode

Separate power plug.
Make sure that the TV has no power!
Unscrew the 4 screws on the back Trox.
Remove cover, slightly detached from the bottom, then lift slightly and pull backwards.
5. Above the Scart inputs (see picture) should her on the brown board the inscription see "Service Mode". Because we want to go.
6. Take your button and bringeth a position. The best one where you zoom comes good. I always make my back on the left, where already there are holes in the housing. This only needs to be enlarged to fit the button (see last picture).
7. drilled a hole for your button, infected by him and tightens the nut.
8. Soldering now 2 wires to solder tails (contacts) of your button, thread the cable so that you can not easily remove the housing - rather a few inches more than enough.

OPTIONAL: Alternatively, it is also flat connector sleeves on your button do if you want something removable.
9.Lötet the other end of your wires directly to the pins with the "Service Mode" inscription. (See picture)
10. Isolated contacts with electrical tape or shrink tubing of appropriate size.
11. Set the lid back on the TV, you assured that you have no tools or wires in the housing or road, and screw the TV on.
Optional: This is a good opportunity to remove the disc around the front to clean.
12. Turns the TV back in the TV mode (TV on the remote control, not V-tape or some other channel!).
13. Expresses the service mode button, which you have just installed, and waits for a brief moment.
Now you should see the software number of your TV and navigate with the arrow keys.
Should you be able to see the menu, you have done everything right. Now first listed all values and closes at a console of your choice. I recommend your most frequently used to select and optimize the TV for this, because not all spend the same image (resolution, position, etc.).

Here are the available settings:
VAM - Vertical amplitude (enlargement)
VSC - Vertical Sync (vertical stripes in the image away trim)
VSH - Vertical Shift (Shift)
VLI - Vertical Line
Rdr - Red Drive
Gdr - Green Drive
RCU - Red Cut
GCU - Green Cut
BRI - Brightness (initial value)
Col - Color (initial value)
HFQ - Horizontal Frequency (Horizontal stripes trimming away)
HPH - Horizontal phase (horizontal shift)
HAM - Horizontal amplitude (horizontal magnification)
EWC East West Corner (Cornerstone)
EWP - East West Parabola (trapezoidal or pincushion correction)
EWT - East West Tilt (flip the picture)

Goes with all the settings to gently and sets in small steps. Not immediately stop, which can damage the TV. Records everything, nothing can happen and you can always return to your original settings. Saves the settings with "Go".

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