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LG 42LB62 LED TV Service Menu

LG 42LB62 LED TV Service mode CHASSIS LB43B

Use RS-232C Connection Method.
Connection : PCBA (USB Port) → USB to Serial Adapter (UC-232A) → RS-232C cable → PC(RS-232C port)
Product name of USB to Serial Adapter is UC-232A.
Enter Service Mode press "ADJ" key,
Enter Internal ADC mode press "►" key at "8. ADC Calibration"
Caution! Using "P-ONLY" key of the Adjustment remote control, power on LG LED TV.
After enter Service Mode by pushing “ADJ” key, Enter White Balance by pushing “►” key at “9. White
For manual adjustment, it is also possible by the following sequence.
(1) Set TV in Adj. mode using “P-ONLY” key on remote controller and then operate heat run longer than 15 minutes.(If not executed this step, the condition for W/B may be different.)
(2) Push “Exit” key.
(3) Enter White Balance mode by pushing the ADJ key and select “9. White Balance”. When KEY (►) is pressed, 206 Gray internal pattern will be displayed.
(4) Zero Calibrate the probe of Color Analyzer, then place it on the center of LCD module within 10cm of the surface (5) Select each items (Red/Green/Blue Gain) using ▲/▼(CH +/-) key on Remote control.
(6) Adjust R/ G/ B Gain using ◄/►(VOL +/-) key on R/C.
(7) Adjust three modes all (Cool / Medium / Warm) - For All model w/o LS345 Fix the one of R/G/B gain and change the others - For G-FIX model Cool Mode
1) Fix the one of R/G/B gain to 192 (default data) and decrease the others. (If G gain is adjusted over 172
and R and B gain less than 192 , Adjust is O.K.)
2) If G gain is less than 172, Increase G gain by up to 172, and then increase R gain and G gain same amount of increasing G gain.
3) If R gain or B gain is over 255, readjust G gain less than 172, Conform to R gain is 255 or B gain is 255
Medium / Warm Mode - Fix the one of R/G/B gain to 192 (default data) and decrease the others.
(8) When adjustment is completed, exit adjustment mode using EXIT key on Remote control.

* ADC Calibration Protocol (RS232) Adjust Sequence
▪ aa 00 00 [Enter Adjust Mode]
▪ xb 00 40 [Component1 Input (480i)]
▪ ad 00 10 [Adjust 480i Comp1]
▪ aa 00 90 End Adjust mode
* Required equipment : Adjustment remote control.
Manual W/B process using adjust Remote control.
Color analyzer(CA100+, CA210) should be used in the calibrated ch by CS-1000.
Operate the zero-calibration of the CA100+ or CA-210, then stick sensor to the module when adjusting.

TV Service mode LG 42LB62 LED
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LG 42LB62 LED TV Service mode CHASSIS LB43B
Before you entering LG type 42LB62 factory mode to change any value on the factory service mode, please write down all the original factory settings. tvservicemenu are not responsibility for any damage, data error and unwanted effect after using our service code and information on these page.
Original remote or universal remote control needed as a tools to program the factory mode (Recommended use the original remote control).
If the code above do not match to your television please browse another service code in sitemap page.

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