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Hyundai H-LCD1511-1 LCD TV Service Menu

Hyundai H-LCD1511-1 TV Service Menu Description
Enter the Hyundai LCD service mode is possible in two ways:
a) Turn on the chassis to the operating mode, on the service remote control, press «􀂣» (conventional on-board
Remote from the m / c IC1 closed terminals 1 and 15).
b) Turn on the TV to normal mode, then turn of the TV to standby mode, press the remote control to normal
consistently keys «STATUS», «MENU», «AV / TV», «BLUE».
c) Exit from service mode to save the changes attitudes, by the button
«MENU» remote control.
You will see the service menu, which has the following form:
Movement in the service menu are made with remote keys «CH ▲», «CH ▼». tinctures parameters - keys remote «VOL◄», «VOL►». The transition from the submenu up one level by pressing the button «Menu». At the top and bottom lines contain current information version, the date of this release, tried and tested time, the current program and the value of the password entered in the user menu.
PLT-01X is composed of a power source, and the VLF inverter 6 CCFL lamps.

Connectors CCFL lamps
H301, H302 - HV connectors CCFL;
H303, H304 - Low-voltage connectors CCFL.
audio Connectors
H601 - Connect the left speaker;
H602 - Connect the right speaker;
H603 - entrance ULF.
Power connectors, and network management
H305 - powered chassis SLT-02h and control of the inverter;
H801 - a network of 220 V, 50 Hz.

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Hyundai H-LCD1511-1 TV Service Menu Description
Before you entering Hyundai H-LCD1511-1 factory mode to change any value on the factory service mode, please write down all the original factory settings. tvservicemenu are not responsibility for any damage, data error and unwanted effect after using our service code and information on these page.
Original remote or universal remote control needed as a tools to program the factory mode (Recommended use the original remote control).
If the code above do not match to your television please browse another service code in sitemap page.

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